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Dr Black WelcomeWe are the foot and ankle division at Orthopedic Associates of Cape Coral, Florida.  My name is Dr. Michael R. Black and I’m the Foot and Ankle Surgeon.

I’d like to personally invite you to explore this website to learn more about foot and ankle conditions that may be troubling you and how we may help. Here you will find information about many foot and ankle afflictions and the treatments that we perform to get you back to the lifestyle to which you are accustomed.

At the Florida Center for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, we are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive care for complex foot and ankle deformities including trauma resulting from sports injuries and auto accidents.

Whether you’ve been suffering with a degenerative ankle condition such as ankle arthritis or you’ve had an accident causing an acute ankle injury, rest assured that we’ll always be conservative when recommending surgery. Not all conditions require surgery and our Foot and Ankle Surgeon Michael R Black DPMcommitment to our patients is to explore a variety of treatments, including medication and physical therapy before recommending surgery.

Our desire is to only recommend surgery when the outcome is likely to be an improved quality of life or at least prevent the condition from worsening.

In the event that surgery cannot be avoided, you can trust that Dr. Michael R. Black is among the best surgeons in the country when it comes to treating some of the most complex foot and ankle conditions.

In fact, many other physicians trust their patients to Dr. Black by referring their most challenging cases to him. Please spend some time reviewing Dr. Black’s credentials and getting to know him.

Foot and Ankle Conditions

Below you will find links to foot and ankle conditions in which we specialize and what to expect in the process:

 STAR Specialty

Dr. Black is amongst an elite team of physicians chosen to perform the S.T.A.R. ankle replacement surgery. Learn more about the Star Total Ankle Replacement.