Ankle Arthroscopy Overview

Ankle Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique which employs smallAnkle Arthroscopy Surgery Recovery for Weekend Warriors Sports Medicine incisions and a high resolution camera to achieve visualization. Very small instruments are used to carry out the procedure and repair damaged tissue.

The Arthroscopic Ankle Patient

At The Florida Center for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction, many of our arthroscopic ankle patients are “Weekend Warrior” athletes who’ve suffered prior ankle sprains and often complain of continued pain, tightness, or the feeling of something catching, clicking or popping within the ankle joint.

Often these patients have never fully recovered from previous ankle sprains and ankle arthroscopy can be employed to remove scar tissue, adhesions, bone spurs or to repair small fractures or damaged cartilage within the ankle joint – and with minimal down time.

Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery Recovery Time

Our Weekend Warrior patients are often pleased to hear that arthroscopic ankle surgery recovery time is minimal because it gets them back in the game quicker! Arthroscopic ankle surgery allows for early range of motion (often the same day.)

During the ankle arthroscopy recovery time, patients are kept nonweightbearing for 1-2 weeks to allow the small incisions to fully heal. Following this, the patient is often allowed to begin weightbearing, depending on the particular procedure performed.

Arthroscopic ankle surgery limits the damage caused to the tissues by traditional open ankle surgery because the surgeon does not rely on large incisions to achieve visualization to perform the surgery. Less damage to tissues means less pain, earlier motion, less scar tissue and faster healing.

The Florida Center for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction

It’s our goal to get you back in the game as quickly as possible – whether that game be golf, soccer, or shopping! Arthroscopic ankle surgery, as well as, traditional open surgical techniques are available through Dr. Michael R. Black at the Florida Center for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Orthopedic Associates of Cape Coral.

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