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Thank You to All of our New Facebook Friends

Just a quick Thank You to our new Facebook friends who've 'Liked' us! … [Read More...]

Flat foot pain in Adolescents

Adolescent Foot Pain

Pain in the adolescent foot can be the result of a flattened foot architecture. Many children have flatfeet and most of them will outgrow this by the time they become teenagers. Even those that do not outgrow their flatfeet are not necessarily doomed to a lifetime of pain, weakness or difficulty … [Read More...]

Flat foot pain in Adolescents

Patriot’s Star High Ankle Sprain | No Super Bowl?

High Ankle Sprain May Keep Patriot's Star from Playing in the Super Bowl. Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, suffered a high ankle sprain last week during the Patriots' win over the Ravens which may keep him from playing in the Super Bowl. These injuries are notoriously slow to heal.  In a … [Read More...]